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Embark on the Stadaconé experience – an immersive tour unlike any other!

Here, we reinvent the conventional guided tour.
Play a fascinating puzzle game.
Go behind the scenes to learn how artisanal spirits are made.
Finish your crusade with a tasting of house products.

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Land Ho!

A one-of-a-kind immersive experience

In this flash puzzle game, you’ll be whisked aboard an ocean-going vessel back in the early days of global exploration. Unfortunately, your captain is gravely ill and the ship’s supplies have run dry. With your crewmates, try to find of a way out of this dilemma as you sail to uncharted lands that you hope will lead to productive encounters.

Designed by À Double Tour, experts in escape games and masters of realism, this activity is sure to test your wits!

Reserve your place online or go to the distillery in person. Tours are offered in English and French. Families are welcome!

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The Distillery

In 1535, French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived in Canada by the St.-Laurent seaway, mistakenly thinking he had found a route to Asia. On the spot where Québec City stands today, he found the village of Stadaconé and its Iroquois inhabitants. With his crew, Cartier decided to set up camp one kilometre away from the village and spend the winter there.

It’s no coincidence that our distillery is located partway between the village of Stadaconé and the spot Jacques Cartier chose for his campsite. We invite you to come partake of a one-of-a-kind immersive experience developed around the theme of first encounters in North America.

Newly established in the thriving Limoilou district, Stadaconé is most assuredly a distillery unlike any other…

Our spirits

Stadaconé bleu


Breathe in the great outdoors and savour the sensation of freedom felt by the first Europeans in America. With its aromas of Labrador tea and wintergreen, our gin conjures up the dim coolness of the boreal underbrush from the days of the coureurs des bois (woodsmen).

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Stadaconé bleu Ombre

Dune pepper, Labrador tea, wintergreen, juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, butterfly pea flower, orange zest, rose petal.

Tasting notes
When mixed with tonic water, it turns from blue to violet before your amazed eyes! To the nose, an elegant freshness evokes hints of boreal forest undergrowth. The flavour is clear with peppery notes for a smooth and supple finish in the mouth. A classic, it is best savoured with tonic water.

A versatile gin

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Stadaconé bleu

Stadaconé rouge


Cranberry – a fruit used for ages by the First Nations – gives our gin its pink hue and sweet notes. First to the nose is the fresh and delicate aroma of elderflower. Pink pepper has a subtle part to play in enhancing the flavours,making this gin the sidekick of choice at your cocktail parties!

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Stadaconé rouge Ombre

Cranberries, elderflowers, juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, orange zest, combava leaf, cubeb pepper, pink peppercorns, bay leaf, cardamom.

Tasting notes
Visually pleasing with a coppery tint created by the post-distillation mashing of cranberries. A distinguished, slightly peppery nose. Strong floral, sweet notes in the mouth, turning to a gradual aftertaste of fruit. Very mild and smooth.

A versatile gin

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Stadaconé rouge

Stadaconé noir


Let’s rewrite history. What if Jacques Cartier really had discovered a route to Asia? With our Noir gin, we cross the Pacific Ocean! This flavour journey starts with the fresh blast of kaffir lime (combava) and continues until delivery of a cargo of exotic notes supplied by Tasmanian berries.

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Stadaconé noir Ombre

Tasmanian berries, combava leaf, juniper berries, coriander, grains of paradise, cubeb pepper, galangal, rose petal, orange zest, lavender.

Tasting notes
Perfectly clear in colour, this is a clean, straightforward and sweet gin. The nose is predominantly herbal with subtle hints of lemongrass. In the mouth, notes of citrus. Pepper comes through in olfactory feedback.

A versatile gin

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Stadaconé noir
  • Stadaconé bleu

  • Stadaconé rouge

  • Stadaconé noir

Our values

A taste
for innovation

Innovation is what drives our distillery. It’s what makes each of our products distinctive, from a visual standpoint and in their composition. In fact, we take pride in serving you the first-ever cranberry gin (the Stadaconé Rouge) and in being the first distillers to put Tasmanian berries in gin (our Stadaconé Noir). The spirit of innovation is also seen in the unique guided tour we offer our visitors. The combination of an immersive puzzle game and tour of the facility is the first and only experience of its kind in the world!


The quality of our ingredients, products and facilities is one of the pillars of Distillerie Stadaconé. Coming from backgrounds in pharmaceutical packaging – one of the most regulated industries ever – our three scrupulous founders believe no detail is too small. Our standards of cleanliness and traceability, as well as our meticulously documented processes, are of multinational calibre.


As the planet’s fate concerns us all, Distillerie Stadaconé is mindful of the environment and wants to establish a number of eco-responsible initiatives. Indeed, we are more than proud to launch the refundable deposit movement in the liquor industry. Bring your empty bottle back to our store and we will give it a second life – and you, a $2 refund.

The team

The team

The founders behind Stadaconé

Having worked together for several years, Jonathan, Alexandre and Jean-Pierre shared a keen interest in spirits and travel. It wasn’t long before their irrepressible creativity led them to formulate a bold plan: to reinvent the guided tour of a distillery and create products with a difference. Today, it carries on with the two of them, Jean-Pierre and Jonathan, supported by a small team of motivated and enthusiastic employees.

As such, Distillerie Stadaconé represents the embodiment of several dreams: to add something new to Québec’s tourism landscape by becoming a must-see attraction; to make pleasing, distinctive products available to as many people as possible; and to build a company that would be a responsible and generous citizen, both for its community and the environment.

Giving you a taste for exploration is our main mission. Passionate (if not downright obsessed!) about the quality and esthetics of everything we consume, we had to build a company that offered the best.

And from that, Distillerie Stadaconé was born… more than a passion, an obsession.

The team

Jean-Pierre Allard


Commonly called

Date of birth
February 1, 1976

Favourite movie
Pulp Fiction

Top 3 bands
Jean Leloup, Pink Floyd, Muse

Canoe-camping, music, food, travel, politics

Most memorable trip

Microbrewery beers, whiskey, gin, wine, herb liquor (Chartreuse, Jagermeister)

Favourite quotation
“They did not know it was impossible so they did it.” – Mark Twain

Contribute to Québec’s prosperity; be kind to the environment; gender equality


Motor-mouth; once I get started, I can’t stop!

How Jonathan describes him
A man of many talents.

Jean-Pierre Allard

Jonathan Chrétien

Director of Operations

Commonly called

Date of birth
May 9, 1989

Favourite movie
Captain Hook

Top 3 bands
Steven Wilson, Bring me the Horizon, Twenty One Pilots

Music, alcohol, technology, psychology, ancient civilizations

Most memorable trip

Quebec-made gin and rum; always open to discoveries

Favourite quotation
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”


Tendency to be a loner in my off-hours

How Jean-Pierre describes him
The perfect balance between artistic creativity and Cartesian ingenuity!

Jonathan Chrétien


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